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What is Mazdaznan?
Ainyahita, a woman prophet living over 9,000 years ago.

Mazda(yani)znan is an ancient method of integral education that teaches harmonious, natural and spiritual ways of living.The word Mazda(yani) znan means master thought and is derived from an ancient name for Creator (God), Ahura Mazda, which means Infinite Wisdom. These ancient names are related to Gathic (also known as Avestan) and Sanscrit, both part of ancient Indo-European languages from which most modern European languages, including English, are derived. According to our tradition, Ainyahita, a woman prophet living over 9,000 years ago, was first to be blessed with the revelations, which are the foundation of Mazdaznan (yani) teachings.

A Mazdaznan Altar.

A Mazdaznan Altar.

The guiding principles of Mazdaznan(yani) are well expressed in the words of Susan B. Anthony, to whom obtaining American women's right to vote became a lifelong mission: "Forget conventionalisms; forget what the world will say, whether you are in your place or out of your place; think your best thoughts, speak your best words, do your best works, looking (only) to your conscience for approval."It is important to note that "Mazdaznan(yani) is not a (creed that one has to believe,) but a practical method by which one may attain greater health, faith, understanding and connection with nature and the ever creative thought of are Almighty Creator "

In our educational Teachings,( religion )means re-link of our Higher Inner-Self (our conscious, or our natural aspiration to do good) with our mind. To reach this goal, our system relies on a do-it-yourself, That employs body, mind, soul and spirit tuning, healing and self-development techniques at one's own pace. The Mazdaznan(yani) theory has been applied effectively when the Mazdaznan follower notices that faith in him/herself (and therefore in the Creator" within) has been awakened or re-inforced, thus providing strength and inspiration to live a righteous life in harmony with nature, The Creator” and our fellow man.Look in het Book THE CREATOR"and MAN- UNITED" by Dr.O.Z.A.Hanish,(Founder of the Mazdaznan.)A Study of the Evolution of Re-Ligion(meaning of the word Re-Connect" )?FROM 10,ooo B.C

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