February 28, 2020, 9:23 am


U-R-U Self Discovery

The Key to Unlock the Power Within


We seem to always be trying to "fix" ourselves. We tell ourselves that if we lose ten pounds, or if we exercise more, or if we eat only low-fat foods, that we will look and feel better. We turn to friends and family, fitness magazines and even trained professionals for help; yet, very often, our questions remain unanswered. What we don't realize is that the answer lies within.

We all share similar characteristics yet every one of us is unique. By understanding this concept and looking inward at our natural inner being or soul, we ca begin to take the first step toward achieving greater health and happiness in our lives. This is what the Mazdaznan U-R-U Self-Discovery system is all about. It is the key to exploring the universe of our body to determine the many ways in which we are unique.

Born of ancient methods of self-realization and wellness, the U-R-U Self-Discovery System will help us begin to realize our strengths and weaknesses, and the beauty of our inner being to create optimal balance and harmony in our lives. Through U-R-U, we will begin to understand who we are and be at peace with ourselves at all times. The journey toward wholeness most properly begins with knowledge of self, so that is where we begin - with self-discovery.

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Our spiritual force gives ideal meaning to all things - people, situations and life in general. It helps us to understand the world from an artistic, moral, ethical and/or religious standpoint. It is what sparks our desire to have humor in our lives, and to enjoy and use our feelings and emotions.

You tend to be very affectionate, love people and place great value on social interaction and relationships. You receive the greatest joy in life when you are with others and have a strong desire to make those around you feel loved and appreciated. You are generous at heart and, because of your freedom of attitude and action, you are greatly loved and admired by others.

You have an artistic sense of life and prefer to listen to melodic and romantic music. In addition, when choosing movies you prefer to watch films that evoke emotions, as in romance or drama, and when selecting colors you prefer those that are medium-bright.


The part of us that seems to concern itself with being logical (i.e. looking at the pros and cons in a situation) can be attributed to our analytical force. It prompts us to question everything and want to know why things work the way they do, or why a person or nature acts a particular way. It is our inquisitive tendency that drives our need to have answers.

You have a strong mind, are observant and tend to make calculated decisions in life. Details do not escape you and you will analyze most things for which you are drawn. You love to learn and be in surroundings that stimulate your mind and calculative powers. In turn, you encourage others to think and observe their environments.

Although you may possess great love in your heart for people, you are reserved in your affection toward others. Instead, the scientific aspect of life stimulates you. You prefer to watch documentary films, which serve to educate and inform. You also love harmonic and well-planned music and, when choosing color, prefer those of a pastel or soft hue.

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Our practical force is the one that prompts us to think and reason from the material viewpoint of things. It is our pragmatic tendency; the one that looks at situations by their worth or value. This is the part of us that asks, "What will I get out of it?" or "What is the value to me?" It also prompts us to take action in life, rather than to just think or contemplate about it.

You have great vitality, but are cautious in your ways. You have a practical sense of life and strive to be constructive in all you do. You are dexterous, and possess the drive to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. You also prefer to live an active life and place value on having money, as it is the means by which you will be able to do and have what you want in life.

You love food and enjoy eating anything and everything, but you possess good intuition in this area and tend to choose the right foods for you. In addition, you love animals, prefer bright colors and enjoy movies that are action-oriented.


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