April 19, 2021, 4:57 pm


U-R-U Self Discovery


U-R-U Booklet: A 20 page guide that serves as a key to the LIFE4SYS program.


The goal of Life4Sys is to help you develop your entire being to its highest potential. Since every individual is unique - not only physically, mentally and spiritually, but in how they function in the world - only a specifically designed plan can effectively help each person reach his or her goals. Therefore, the first step toward integrating the various aspects of yourself into a harmonious whole is to discover in which ways you are unique. This is why we begin with the process of "self discovery."

Using an ancient method we call U-R-U, you will increase your self-awareness as you rediscover the fascinating laws of life present in yourself. You will learn that everything in the universe vibrates and that we all receive all kinds of information through the senses - not only the five senses that everybody knows, but also the less-known senses of feeling, intuition, transmission of ideas, telepathy, clear hearing, clear sight and realization. You will learn that just as there are three basic primary colors from which all the thousands of gradations are created, there are three basic sounds, three basic shapes and three basic qualities to every person: Practical (pragmatic), Analytical (mathematical) and Spiritual (artistic).

Using our U-R-U Self Discovery system, you will realize that these three factors influence everything from how you function in the world to your propensity for certain weaknesses in your body. You will also learn how these three qualities relate to diet, feelings, emotions and breathing, and how to integrate these three factors into a harmonious whole to achieve balance, energy and success.

This knowledge of yourself, together with the rest of the information presented by our Life4Sys program, will enable you to create your own personalized program for greater health, happiness and success.

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