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Mazdaznan - Science of Dietetics


As long as there are forms and forms will express life, just that long those forms must exchange their tendencies of realms, superior and inferior to themselves, as the form is the mediator unto the two grand factors of life, attraction and repulsion, completing the (Triune) Principle of Creation. There is no end to matter, there is no end to space, and to man's dominion for creation there is no limit. The CREATOR" must manifest to remain conscious of power and its attributes. Nature is not without The Creator'.( neither ) is The Creator" all powerful, all present, all wise, except through and by presentation, which alone gives forth his praises. Stop all manifestation and where will be he who holds all the wisdom, and where will they be to recognize his power? The one is unthinkable without the other. We sometimes say we can think of bread and yet it is not necessary that bread be present. True. But when hunger comes that thought alone will not fill the bill. To still the hunger you must get a move on yourself and realize the loaf into your very presence lest you might starve in spite of all your concentration of might starve in spite of all your concentration of thought divine. Can't eat thought; can't drink ideas. It is well for the mind to think, but the body must be fed something more substantial, because of its nature of substantiality. The mind thinks and plans, but it takes material to verify the reality of these plans.


There are practically but three rules in dietetics to be observed, and these will lead us into more detailed regulations as we begin to adhere to the principle governing all life.

The mentally active individual requires a great deal of fruit, nuts occasionally, and grains but seldom and in small portions.

The less preparation the foods undergo the stronger the mentality,? the health and the organic action.!

The partly mentally and partly physically active person lives on fruit and vegetables alternately, and more nuts and more grains than the mentally employed. The vegetables and grains are to be prepared only occasionally.

The physically active person requires principally grains, and vegetables in larger quantities, and these may be prepared frequently. Plenty of greens should be used. Oil or nuts may be taken daily and fruits only occasionally. Raw foods will give greater satisfaction than the prepared ones, but the latter may be used, as hard manual labor will counteract a certain percentage of the minerals forming in Heating are foods.(not cooked)

In either case two meals a day suffice, and one meal a day, late in the afternoon, will prove more satisfactory than at any other time. Three meals or more a day is a detrimental custom which ought to be abandoned at once.

Why? It is the baby only that must be fed from nine to twelve times a day. In youth from three to four times a day. After maturity only once to twice a day at most, for the reason that a matured body no longer adds substances but merely exchanges reflective actions, sustaining positions of tissues, energies and intelligences composing the form.

When you have completed a structure do you still keep on building? No, you only make repairs here and there. Then why continue to fill yourself with material after having reached maturity when it cannot be used for building purposes but it necessarily remains in the way? This material quickly becomes an obstacle unto the intelligences desiring to occupy the space of the building. The body is the temple of the living CREATOR", through which the intelligences express their power and forces. To keep a building in good repair very little material and attention is required.

What would you think of the owner of a building who after it was completed would keep all the scaffolding and material strewn about and workmen engaged in tearing out partitions and the finish from the ceilings here and there, tearing, breaking down, destroying and then replacing it with similar material, while all over the windows and doors he would place signs: "Space for rent"? Who would want space in a building that never sees its finish except when an earthquake levels it to the ground? This is death.

How can we expect are Almighty One" to manifest in all Hiss fullness through a body that continuously fills up on material substances, demanding absolute attention? How dare we ask are Most High One" to take possession of such and unfinished tabernacle? Remember, The Almighty"will not live in unclean tabernacles.!

There is a point in the life chain of every man as he advances in years that is by far greater than all the increase of wealth and honor-absolute truth.?

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