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Mazdaznan - Pioneer of the New Age
The Mazdaznan Master - Dr. O. Z. Hanish

The Mazdaznan Master - Dr. O. Z. Hanish

(Article from "THE VOICE" March, April, May, 1965 Page 7)

WHILE we have read the biographies of many a famous character in these pages, very little is known to the general public about the work and teachings of this great soul, whose entire earthly life was dedicated to the promotion and establishment of the 19th and the 20th Century on this planet.

Dr. Otoman Zaradusht Hanish - as he was known to the world - lived and worked among mankind in the last half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th Century. When and where He was born, not even His closest disciples knew, for He never considered these and other details of His private life important enough to talk about; to Him the mission and the teaching, were foremost.

As regards His name, we find threefold significance therein: - "Otoman" - His surname, points to Eastern origins (probably Persian). "Zar Adusht" is a title rather than a name, meaning "Prince of Pease and Righteousness."Ha'nish means simply "The Wise One."

He was a "Doctor" in many fields - M.D., D.D., LL.D., etc, the titles He had being far too numerous to list. He was a physician, priest, poet and writer, horticulturist, lecturer and teacher. Above all, He personified the true meaning of the word "doctor" (from the Latin "doceo") a "teacher"; and that He was, a supreme and wise teacher of mankind.

Just as little is known about His youth and early life. From what He himself told, we gather that at the age of three He was taken to a monastery in Tibet, where He spent many years in the so-called Community of the Select, studying and practising the original pure Zarathustrian teachings. His education having been completed, He earned the title of "Rab Magus of the Temple of El Kharman."

As a young man, He volunteered to leave the peaceful and perfect atmosphere of the Community, to bring the "Gospel of Zarathustra" (similar to the teachings of Yahushua'( Jesus) to the world. Like Zarathustra, Dr. Hanish too came down from the lofty mountain-peaks into the chaos and noise of the outside world, to spread the message among mankind - which could be summed up in these simple precepts: -"Good Thought - Good Word- Good Deed." (Hu Hata - Hu Mata - Hu Varashta).

When He first attempted to give out the ancient teachings - preserved in their original purity from. 7,000 B.C. up to the present - He encountered innumerable obstacles.

Threats and attacks on his life

From the part of the ruling classes He received nothing but hostility, ridicule, threats and attacks on His life. The priest craft, politicians, the medical trusts and business monopolies - all the so-called "authoritative institutions" that held mankind in bondage all over the globe - turned against Him. They quickly realised that His message - the pure Truth - would endanger their very existence; if accepted by the masses, it would put them out of business in a short time.

So, with every means at their disposal, they tried to silence Him - but to no avail. In spite of the numerous attacks on His life, He always outwitted His enemies, and with no regard to personal safety and comfort, continued to give out the "Infallible words of Truth" - stirring up the consciences of honest, seeking souls, wherever He went.

System of "Mazdaznan"

The message that this Master and Light-Bearer brought to the world was indeed soul-stirring! We cannot possibly do justice to His lifework and teachings in such a short article. One can only realise the true essence and significance of His mission and message, if one takes the effort, and with an open mind delves deeply into the sublime teachings He offered the world, under the name and system of "Mazdaz­nan."

We shall try to give a very brief outline of the principles and precepts of this, one of the world's oldest and most comprehensive systems of individual self-development. The word "Maz­daznan" (from the Iranian or Zend "Masdayasnan") means, freely translated, "The Master Thought." Being a composite word, it also signifies a "true follower of Mazda" or "Light," as the Supreme Being is called in the ancient Zarathustrian - Avestan lore. (Ahura Mazda).

Zarathustra - who, contrary to many historians' opinion, lived thousands of years before Christ received revealed re ligion from the higher realms of Divinity. The re ligion was Mazdaznan - called "Mazda worship" or "Zarathustrianism." (The Sun was never' worshipped or used as an image or idol - it merely served as a symbol, representing the visible manifestation of Deity).

This "Light Re ligion" later spread into all neighbouring countries surrounding ancient Iran, such as India, Tibet, China, Egypt, Babylonia, the Medean-Chaldean Empire, Palestine, Greece, and finally Rome and the entire cultural world. There are many fascinating aspects of the history of Zarathustrianism and the progress of the Aryan Race ­all described in detail in several of the publications at the end of this article.

Harmonious all-round development

The Mazdaznan system of Self-development embraces all phases of life, and has for its goal the perfect, harmonious, all-around development of every individual - thus solving the perplexing problems of manifestation on terra firma and in the celestial realms.

The basic principles, given as keys to self-unfoldment and success in life, are the following: - A system of health and breath - diet and dietetics - diagnosis and healing eugenics and regeneration (or rebirth), and an elaborate system of exercises, designed to awaken the higher and finer forces latent in Man.

The main activities of Dr. Hanish were concentrated upon the practical, physical-material plane. In His days the world was still in a very backward state, with living and working conditions unfit for human beings.

When He came to America, where most of His work was to be accomplished, labourers worked 14-16 hours a day, sanitation was nonexistent, and the general mentality was very low. Realising that under such circumstances it would be useless to talk about higher philosophy, He set to work to liberate mankind from the bondage it was in, and to raise the standard of living.

Initiated reforms

In every way possible and in every department of life, He initi­ated reforms, designed on the one hand to awaken the suppressed lower classes to their real estate in life and their birthright, and on the other hand to make the ruling classes conscious of their responsibilities, as the supposed leaders of men, toward the millions of human lives entrusted to their care.

Step by step, very slowly and at first reluctantly, all His reforms were accepted, and gradually society was transformed so that men could begin to breathe freely and live the life of human beings. Wherever we look today, we find the initiative given by this great Master, who is rightfully recognised all over the world as a real pioneer of the coming age of life and light.

In the field of health and economics, Dr. Hanish was one of the first to promote natural living, pure, organically-grown fruits and vegetables; vegetarian restaurants. Health Food stores juice bars and the like. It was due to His influence and untiring efforts that fresh salads and heretofore inaccessible foods, like tropical fruits and new varieties of cereals, were introduced and made available.

In the field of diet and dietetics He gave numerous demonstrations of scientific meal-planning, the combination and preparation of foods, as well as giving out perfect recipes for a diet suitable for pure and awakened souls.

In the field of medical research He directed attention to the importance of the sympathetic nervous system and the functions of the endocrine gland chain, both of which were a mystery to west­ern medical science at that time.

In the words of the Master: "The real Saviour of our age is the SPIRIT OF INVENTTON. When this spirit completely permeates the younger generation, then at long last we shall have the two most important and most ardently fought-against inventions:


These two will finally break down all the artificial man-made barriers, separating one nation from the other, and keeping children apart from their parents. The force of the Spirit of Invention - which will really usher in the New Age - is irresistible, and the time is at hand when "All things so far suppressed and withheld from mankind will be revealed ..."

Henry Ford and Edison HIS disciples

Dr. Hanish was the first to drive an automobile in America, for which He was fined $100! Henry Ford was His disciple, and so was Edison, who in His honour named the first electric lamp "Mazda Light." He was the first to promote the idea and use of the telephone which, together with the radio, was shelved and with­held for decades by powerful monopolies, still very active in our days . . .

Among many other things, Dr. Hanish predicted that we shall soon have two devices which He preferred to call "the terrestrial and the celestial discs." With the first we shall be able to talk to anyone in the flesh, anywhere on this planet, and in Space too - a kind of wrist-watch size combi­nation radio and TV. With the second device we shall be able to see and communicate with departed ones - those on "the other side of life." (Both Edison and Prof. Steinmetz have worked on this project).

Fifth chamber of the heart

The greatest revelation given by the Master to the world was that of the real Self in the fifth cham­ber of the heart, where it takes its place at conception and remains until physical "death." With the last breath it leaves the body to continue its existence in other spheres. ("The powers that be" still withhold this information from the public, and the plates and films have been ordered to be destroyed . . .)

It was the Master who dealt the blow of mercy to the orthodox Church, revealing all the machinations of the ecclesiastical class, throughout the ages, and exposing all the misconceptions imposed upon the average mind - thus giving us the key to real freedom - physical, mental and spiritual.

Many wonderful changes have taken place since the end of the last century, all bearing witness to the teachings of Mazdaznan. As we near the second millen­nium, and proceed slowly but surely into the New Age, all of the Master's predictions are being materialised right before our eyes. The words of AINYAHITA - Scriptural Mother - will be fulfilled too: - "Man has to become in matter what he is in Spirit"

Take our share with the forces of Light

From out of the struggles and labours of mankind, a brighter and happier tomorrow is emerging. May we all take our share in this great battle of the Forces of Light against those of darkness - so that when our time comes to leave, we too may be able to say with the Master: - "This world has become a better place - because I have lived in it" Be it so, and unto this end let all things prosper.Peace be to you.

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