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Part,4 Breath is Life!!


I HAVE asked you to keep in mind the great truth that the human engine is a mental one, and that it functions on air. While food aids in the work of repairing broken down tissues and in stimulating bodily activities, fresh air is the actual life-giving substance on which you exist. You can fast for several weeks under certain conditions; you can live without water for a matter of days when necessary; you can go without air for a matter of two or three minutes only, hence the obvious importance of fresh air to the human organism. The value of air is so very real that, like many vital things in Life, it is overlooke', yet kind Nature has supplied you with a super-abundance of the essential things: air, light, water and the simple produce of the soil. Beyond these things people should need no other remedies; in fact, We may say that air will cure anything if it is inhaled with understanding. Unfortunately, people do not care to take themselves to task sufficiently to prove these contentions, hence other remedies are necessary.


I have already made mention of the “Wise Men of the East.” Those who have troubled to investigate know full well that the story of their existence is not a myth: they were known to the earliest races up to the time of Christ, and are still on the earth. While a civilized man will very occasionally astonish his fellows by living to a great age (e.g. certain men are known to have passed their one hundred and fiftieth year), there is evidence that some members of the Communities in the East where the Magi reside live to the astounding age of three hundred years, and even longer. Moreover, they retain their mental and physical abilities for their entire lifetime. Their remarkable psychic powers are unbelievable until witnessed, although there is ample evidence that most, if not all, of the wonders attributed to them are true. What is their secret ? Deep, rhythmic, conscious breathing is the main reason for their health, long life and mental vitality. Of course, they live very quiet lives and take very little food, the simple nature of which is worthy of notice. They are all vegetarians and feed scientifically; they will tell you that: “As a man thinks so he is, and as he eats so he thinks.” Also, you will not be in their company for long before you find that fresh air seems to be the most important item in their meals: they appear to almost live on air, and their rhythmic breathing exercises take up quite a large proportion of their daily lives. Naturally, Western folk cannot find the time to do the same as these remarkable men, but the fact remains that people do not breathe deeply enough. Correct breathing is a lost art, yet the way to health and vigour lies in the power of breath. Sea are Book -The Power of Breath,in are Online  Book store!                                                                                                                                                                             DISCOVERY 

They have spent years trying to evolve a herbal or a biochemic formula that would rejuvenate, and accomplish its work speedily. They have remained until the small hours of the morning working in  laboratory, blending and testing. Some have succeeded in producing some really excellent substances of a purely natural, biological nature, and have proved their effectiveness time and time again; but, I HAVE NEVER FOUND ANY COMPOUND THAT WILL ACCOMPLISH ONE HUNDREDTH PART OF THE REJUVENATING EFFECTS FRESH AIR WILL PRODUCE WHEN IT HAS BEEN CONSCIOUSLY AND RHYTH-MICALLY IN BREATHED. Moreover, although some of my potenised fresh plant juices and combinations will sometimes produce the most amazing and unexpectedly good results, they always take time, whereas fresh air will act within a jaw minutes – sometimes almost immediately. Of course, in chronic conditions time is necessary, but even here deep breathing will speed up a cure and assist greatly any other healing method employed. In many serious cases a cure cannot be expected unless breathing exercises are indulged in, and it sometimes happens that no other remedy is necessary. When physically and mentally tired and depleted through overwork, breathing is my own remedy, and I have proved its value beyond any possibility of doubt. Within five minutes I have transformed myself from a weary man into a vigorous personality, and gone on the lecture platform to expound my theories to an appreciative audience. As with all things, the proof lies in the practice. Do not raise a silly objection and tell me that you breathe every day: of course you do; but how? Biologists have discovered that the average man uses about one-third of his lung power in the act of breathing: that means that only one-third of the proper amount of oxygen enters the organism with every inhalation. The result is that he is oxygen-starved. Another point: the exhalations are also weak and ineffective, so that the waste matter thrown off from the lungs in the form of pathological gas is very much less than it should be. Here is one great reason why people become ill: oxygen, besides being the only true brain and nerve food, is the gas used by Nature to burn up poisons in the body; a poor intake of oxygen results in the retention of poisonous accumulations within the blood and tissues, concerning which I have already written. The out-breathing being equally ineffective, the poisons are not carried off in the manner in which they should be. Here you see two decided reasons why self-poisoning takes place, and the cause in both instances is one: faulty breathing.


Besides oxygen there are other subtle elements found in fresh air that cannot be detected by the usual methods, but which scientists know are present because of their elects on Life. Air can be manufactured artificially, but it will not sustain either plant or animal life, because these mysterious elements are missing. Eastern teachers have given various names to these elements, but as it is not my purpose to enter into metaphysics, I merely state that their presence is well known and that they are part of the secret of Life. The Magi say that The CREATOR is Breath (Spirit), and in their breathing exercises they consciously draw the Spirit into their beings. Breath may be said to be the Essence of Life, and it is the most vital factor in the art of health. It matters not whether you apply the metaphysical idea or the coldly scientific mind to the question, the end is the same: BREATH IS LIFE. In order to enjoy better health of mind and of body; to be able to concentrate and work without fatigue; to make the joys of Life real and your very own, you must increase your breath rhythm. The average breath rhythm is three seconds (three in, three out), where as it should take seven seconds for the inhalation and seven for the exhalation: only then are the lungs normally active and the blood fully charged with the Life forces. By deep breathing alone a cold can be aborted and fevers cleared up rapidly, the reason being that more poison-destroying oxygen is being inhaled and the cause of the fever (the poisons) is exhaled speedily.


Deep breathing activates the abdominal muscles and gives an internal massage to the organs of digestion: this means that the important processes of digestion and assimilation are improved. Breathing and a sensible diet should be sufficient to cure all cases of dyspepsia and constipation.

While the exercises may be taken at any time, or in any position, they have the best elect when the body is in a state of positive relaxation: the spine should be erect, the shoulders back and down, and the chin slightly in with the crown of the head high; then the lungs are not cramped and they react better to the conscious efforts. In time the consciously improved breath rhythm will become a subconscious habit, and be then you will know what it means to have constant vitality. Here are four excellent breathing exercises. The first is mainly to invigorate the mind; the second is intended to remove bodily fatigue and improve the functions of the important organs; the third and fourth are good in a general way, and may be indulged in at any time. Those too ill to stand or walk should do the exercises in bed, or in an easy chair. Do not strain. Weakly folk should start gradually: say, four or five seconds for each inhalation and a similar time for each exhalation. The constitutionally weak should also perform Nos.1 and 2 with care and do them gently. As the lung power improves the rhythm will be increased with ease. Rhythm of seven exercises may be taken to the harmony of a suitable melody on the piano or gramophone. Remember to breathe in and out through the nose.



While there are two lungs behind the chest wall, another covers the whole of the body: the skin. This “lung” is not only Nature’s garment of protection, but it is a vast excretory and excretory organ. Air is actually inbreathed through the skin and large quantities of waste matter and systemic poisons are thrown off from the pores. Thus you see how important it is to keep your “third lung” in a healthy condition. There are records of people who have died from suffocation as a result of having their skins completely clogged. Few people have healthy skins: they clothe too much and shut out the invigorating air and light. Physicians have said that there is no disease that can be healed without the co-operation of the skin, and as I have previously pointed out, the skin is one of four important organs of elimination. You must invigorate your skin and allow it to breathe if you wish to give yourself every chance to become really healthy.                                                                                                                                                            This will give you some idea of the wonders of the human skin: in it there are approximately: –

120 billion cells,

100 million organs of sense,

3 million nerve points,

2 million perspiratory glands,

400,000 points of pressure,

300,000 fat-yielding glands.

100,000 minute hairs,

300,000 feet of nerve tissue,

150,000 feet of veins.

The skin works in harmony with the kidneys, and when the latter are diseased the skin has greater work to do, and vice versa. The famous Red Indian Chief, Os-ke-non-ton told me of the white doctor who visited a North Amencan indian tribe in the dead of winter. Muffled with furs the doctor could not understand why the Indians remained warm with little more than loin cloths to cover them. He asked a young warrior if he were not cold, to which the fellow replied, “Is

Doctor’s face cold?” “No!” said the doctor. “Indian all face,” replied the brave. Yes, the skin covering the body should be as healthy as that covering the face, and a healthy skin is an exposed skin. Do not suddenly leave off clothes you have been accustomed to wear in the middle of the winter, but as summer comes along, leave off some of them gradually, and note the results. Less clothing compels you to breathe more deeply, and it is the breath that keeps you warm. If you must have underclothing, wear that with a wide mesh so that the air can get to the body. It is now well known that the circulation of air next to the skin is necessary for the generation of warmth.



Every morning, before your breathing exercises, give your skin a cold friction bath. Wet the body all over and slap yourself with your wet hands for a minute or two. The vigorous may use cold water; if weakly use it tepid. I do not advise plunging into a bath of cold water, certainly not in the winter. Those who have made a habit of it and are healthy may continue to do so, but as a general rule it is not advisable for most people. After the wet friction rub the hands should be moistened with a little sweet almond oil and the body well massaged until the oil has been absorbed. Almond oil nourishes the tissues and improves the texture of the skin; it also prevents the radiation of energy from the system. Olive oil may be used, but it is not so effective. So far as I know, all native tribes oil their bodies after bathing.

Hot baths are not good, and should be taken quickly, followed by a cold or tepid friction and an oil rub. Steam baths should only be taken by those with strong hearts.

An active skin is bound to result in better elimination, improved circulation, easier heart action, more bodily warmth in winter and greater coolness in summer, better nutrition, freedom from colds and catarrh and far better general health.


Sun bathing is good for the skin but it should only be indulged in very moderately. Native tribes avoid the sun as much as possible and you should take the hint from them. If they take care to protect their brown bodies, white people should take even greater precautions. Too much sun over-stimulates and does a great deal of harm. By studying Nature you will and that everything in life takes only as much as it needs to preserve and perpetuate itself. Human beings go to extremes: a few years ago everybody was afraid of the sun, now everybody is sun mad. While the latter is the lesser of two evils I am stating the verdict of those who have gone into the matter scientifically when I say that sun bathing should be taken gradually and in moderation.   To be continued;  from the desk of Peter de Boer                (w-side owner) Be happy and of a good Cheer !