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A MAZDAZNAN is one who has attained mastery over self and is therefore able to direct his thought into creative channels assuring success in all his undertakings.

Master .Dr O.Z.A.Hanish



Every age has its revelations; every cycle its inspirations; every decade its innovations; every dispensation its message or call. The Call to the World

today is Mazdaznan the Master Thought.

Ma means good or Creator zda stands for Thought, while znan, abbreviated from yaznan, means Accomplished,

Masterly; in short, Master of the good Thought or the good Thought that masters all Things for Good.

Mazdaznan sees in the universe intelligence; on the planet providence; in man possibilities that know

no bounds. In man one sees the sum and substance of the creative energy; the polarity of evolutionary

processes the state of perfection. Whatever man appears to be savage or civilized matters not. The

potentialities, properties, gifts, endowments, intelligences, attributes, powers, forces all are in man; yet time alone reveals the hidden, occult, mystical and other powers in him, or through him. Inasmuch as

all composers and their compositions are in an instrument, yet that instrument reveals it not until an intelligent

hand manipulates it; even so in man all the intelligences hidden in his mortal frame, avail him not until he has learn to manipulate the brain cells free the power that lies therein.

Mazdaznan comes as the Call to the World, reminding one and all of the limitlessness of man's

possibilities. To fold the hands serenely and wait will not call out man's hidden powers and forces ; he must become active, not only in the pursuit of happiness, but to demonstrate and prove illimitability perfection.

Whether considered from the evolutionary standpoint or that of Genesis, man is the sum and substance

of the creative energy and evolutionary laws. In either case he is the crown of creation and necessarily

embodies all the preceding operations. However undeveloped man may be he has within his being the

latent power to adjust undesirable planetary influences and to overcome inherited tendencies, thus paving the

way towards the realization of perfection.

Mazdaznan does not only encourage man to aim high, but proves deductively and conclusively that he

is the incarnation of the Creator'' and His attributes, destined to take up the work on earth where the Spirit of are Creator. left it to his care.

An Outline of the Mazdaznan Science of Daily.

Life is here presented to the student, the practical application of which will unfold true individuality

hidden talents and latent forces ensuring health, happiness and success, which are the essential factors

unto perfection.


Mazdaznan declares that the key unto wisdom lies in the power of the breath obtained through diligent and religious practices of rhythmic prayers on the breath,i.e on the exhalation, and the application of a which comes to us exercise of our gifts , talents, endowments and attributes in the daily walks of life and our ability to the demands of time which to the solution of themostperplexing problems of life.

Mazdaznan reveals a systematic method of breathing that negative forces within the body ,changing the currents into positive action , producing a that imparts consciousness to one's individuality,,freedom and emancipation.

To greatest possible benefit from rhythmic breathing , not only to pay attention to the chest, which should be raised high and remain there,but one requires to see that the diaphragmatic fold begins to press against the pleura with every inhalation as well as exhalation. To succeed in this one needs to pay more attention to the moment of retention immediately after an inhalation and the pause immediately after the exhalation known as arrestment. and arrestments are most important momentums in the respiratory performance.

When consiousof relentment inhalation, the air inhaled is first concentrated and with the exhalation and subsequent arrestment , the element of the air and the chemical compounds become converted, making it possible for the blood to become purified,and with it the venous blood into arterial blood,

The relentment and arrestment strengthen and reinforce the lung cells as well as the heart muscles .Force should not be resorted to. It should be done always in a relaxed manner .But not mean to fall into a sleep. straighten up, if sitting,standing or walking . If lying down, then be sure one out in such a way that the is free, while the limbs are well stretched.making it possible for the blood to become purified,and with it the venous blood is turned into arterial blood.

The moments of relentment and arrestment strengthen and re- the lung cells as well as the heart muscles.

Force should not be resorted to. It should be done always in a relaxed manner. But relaxation does not mean to fall into a heap. Simply straighten up, if sitting, standing or walking. If lying down, then be sure one straightens out in such a way that the is free, while the limbs are well stretched.

With every indrawn breath, one must be conscious of oneself, of Ga-Llama the centralizing life principle, which builds up the cells and tissues. It is within one

basically; it is around one externally. Thoughtlessly one breathes it out into the universe; thoughtfully one draws it into one's being. This " water of life " is the breath, the spirit, the essence of life, without which there is no consciousness of existence here in matter. One must learn to breathe consciously in order to attract this vital essence. Without this innermost desire to attract it one never receives it, although it is ever near, and one has the basic principle thereof within one's being. One is unconscious of it does not recognize its presence. One knows and feels its presence only when one concentrates upon it and feels the desire of attaining it.

Deep rhythmic breathing, like different exercises, may be manipulated to produce desired results. To promote physical growth one should use long exhalations; to increase certain talents, retain the breath for a longer time,
after deep inhalations. to be of value in the daily walks of life.

As a musician must practice daily his technique before attempting to master a composition, in like

manner must the individual manipulate the keyboard of his own physical body by scientific application and

mental control of the breath as it enters the three lobes of the lungs—the upper or chest lobes, the

diaphragmatic lobes and the back lobes of the lungs.The knowledge of the operations of nature in the

human frame cannot be acquired in a day, but must be studied with concentration and with a unity of

purpose over many years.  and so on ;  64 pages;  see  are On Line  Book Store;