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Part 1




I offer no apologies when I claim that the health secrets outlined within these covers are worth more than all the material wealth the world has to offer. Nature abounds with “leaves of healing,” and when the game of Life is played according to the rules, happiness and prosperity follow as a natural sequence. Some may argue that I am merely advocating the application of common sense, but I would remind such that in this modern world of ours common sense

is usually conspicuous by its absence. I have gleaned frown the wisdom of the Ages, andhave to set forth in clear and simple language tested and proven methods that will bring life’s greatest blessings surely and positively, if you have the courage and the will to apply them, and to work out your own salvation.


September, 1900.?


THE secret of health and happiness has been lost to mankind because the natural Intelligence of the people in general has been warped and doped by the disease of civilization. It must be remembered that health is the natural state of man: the sure reward of living in harmony with the laws of Nature. Dis ease (lack of ease) is the result of ignorance; it follows in the wake of fear and the insane habits of Life which are (terrible thought) regarded as the natural mode of living. Long ago the cry was heard: “My people perish through lack of knowledge,” and it is even so today. Centuries of so-called progress seem to have contributed but little to the problem of how to live in a state of health from birth until death. Medical science seeks its remedies in filthy animal extracts and obnoxious serums, but disease remains with us. Effects are tinkered with; causes remain untouched. True, certain enlightened souls have given us of their inspired wisdom from time to time, and there have been brighter periods, but in the main darkness still covers the earth and gross darkness the people.

All thinkers agree that man is the masterpiece of evolutionary intelligence. He is the culmination of all creative processes, of every creative force and impulse, and of every manifestation of intelligence from the time when “the Morning Stars sang together” until now. Think what this means! It implies that within every human soul there lies the possibility of absolute health, of full and radiant happiness and of unlimited achievements! Moreover, this is no mere metaphysical idea: it is as far removed from the illusionary as is the east from the west; the fact that man is the physical manifestation of all the intelligences of Nature is acknowledged by all scientists and philosophers, as well as by world-famed religious teachers of all ages, who have intuitively seen man as being “in the image of Are Creator.


When man considers himself a very restricted and limited being – a miserable sinner – his organism tends to take on the nature of his thoughts and we behold a dull, doubting, impotent creature: the very antithesis of what Nature intended him to be; as he thinks in his heart so he is, and instead of a radiant being full of vigour and infectious happiness we see sorrow personified. And, unfortunately, he creates a morbid atmosphere and stiles the lives of those with whom he is in contact; for human beings, unled of a very positive nature, tend to take on the nature of their environment.

Let me remind the religious man who takes an unhealthy delight in his misfortunes, that if he has one iota of the faith that he talks so much about but rarely demonstrates, he will remember that a living faith. means that all sins are forgotten. The Creator of all Life and Beauty has provided means whereby all that is undesirable is remembered no more, and the person with a real, vital faith stands clean and wholesome before his Creator. The genuine Christian should be the finest example of CONFIDENCE and of HAPPINESS. I make these remarks because it is about time that Christians began to follow in the footsteps of their Master and practiced the Illuminated Life that Christianity proclaims. To the Christian who persists in considering himself a shameful sinner the teachings of the great Master have availed nothing: he has neither faith nor hope in The Creator, nor in humanity as being the work of The Creator.

The man with a living faith in the Infinite Intelligence that has designed all things will realize his possibilities: he will know that “perfect love casteth out fear” and grasp the meaning of the profound yet simple wisdom of the age-old teaching that “the kingdom of heaven is within.” Within the realm of his own thought he will see The Creator, and he will recognize in his body the temple of The Creator; he will make of his mental and physical talents instruments for the Divine Will and prove to those around him that “with The Almighty  all things are possible.”

With the individual who does not care to take a religious view I do not wish to argue, although l would remind him that many of the leading scientists of the day have reached a stage where they stand in awe and wonder at the majesty of a Creative Power that cannot be denied; those who are in that position are the truly clever, the pseudo-clever always take a much longer time to arrive at reality. If you object to a theological conception of God, then take the scientific view: man is the supreme animal possessing unlimited resources within his own being. In any case FAITH is the thing: faith in God or in the Intelligences of Nature – faith in yourself! With the right mental attitude to Life man becomes unlimited, and he progresses on every plane of his being with the precision of a ray of light.


Man’s chief aim is to know The Creator and to enjoy Him,” literally means that his chief object in Life is to understand himself , for you will only understand The Creator  by gaining an accurate knowledge of The Almighty 's fleshly image. Bear in mind the fact that man is the localization of all creative intelligence, and then remember that he is a triune being with physical, spiritual (emotional) and intellectual departments in his make-up. Life is expression, and absolute health is obtainable only when you express yourself normally on all three planes of your being. One-sided expression fails to bring complete happiness in this life, and rarely, if ever, leads to material success. The ideal example of humanity is he who is physically perfect, spiritually enlightened (i.e. emotionally balanced and artistically alive) and intellectually vital. To express on the physical plane only emphasizes the brute; unbalanced spiritual expression proclaims the religious fanatic; or, on the other hand, a lack of spiritual force denotes the cold, calculating un-feeling type who sees no beauty in anything; expression on the intellectual plane at the total expense of spirituality produces the one-sided genius, who may be right sometimes, but who (as history shows) is usually very wrong. All three qualities must find expression to produce the ideal life, although it is in the nature of things that each individual will demonstrate more on one plane than on the others.

A study of basic diagnosis is most helpful to the study of man, and this subject is discussed  more detail in my book “BALANCE,” which also gives my views on the origin and destiny of the human race. To know your type (base) enables you to forge ahead in all matters pertaining to life and health. Be sure of this: the successful man is he who has the ability to put into operation the awakened intelligence he possesses. To know is good; to know and be able to apply one’s knowledge is still better. Perhaps the main thing that is wrong with the world today is that so much is known but so very few are able to apply constructively and for the benefit of all.


The first essential in Life is to understand yourself, especially so that you may be enabled to acquire a vital brain and an active responsive body. Scientists agree that the human organism is a mental machine functioning on air. I wish to emphasize this because everything depends on your understanding that your machine is a mental one; that thought is all-powerful, and that as you think so you are. Also, a point to be kept continually in mind is that this human apparatus under your control functions on air and not on any thing else.

Biologists agree that there appears to be no law limiting Life in the human organism. You are so constructed that if your tissues and organs could be kept free from morbid accumulations you would live for ever! True, nobody wants to live for a hundred years, let alone forever, in a state of ill health; but to the vital, joyous person Life is always sweet and desirable. Another most important fact is this: THE BODY IS SELF-CURATIVE, and under proper conditions no disorder exists that cannot be eliminated through the application of faith (confidence in your mind and in your bodily machine) and works (living in harmony with natural law)

Grasp these essential facts (for facts they are) and you will have taken the first step towards health and prosperity. Within your wonderful organism resides the seed of perfection and the absolute means whereby that seed can grow and permeate the whole of you, so that all imperfections may become as a hazy nightmare of the past and the future shine before you with the glory of an exalted life.

CHAPTER 2                                                                                                                                                     



DISEASE is a morbid condition of the organism in which the blood is found to be chemically unbalanced and impure. As a result of the pathological (disease producing) condition of the blood the tissues and organs are impregnated with substances foreign to them. In other words: disease is a condition where the system is poisoned, and according to the locality of the poisons (toxins) so the disorder is named. These destructive substances always find their way to the weakest organ (where physical resistance is lowest); thus, while the cause of disease is always the same from the chemical standpoint, there will be various manifestations: one will suffer from kidney disorders, another from digestive disturbances, others will exhibit nervous disorders and so forth. In disease there is always a lack of mental and physical harmony. Germs are not in themselves the cause of disease. Even the highest medical authorities now admit that too much attention has been paid to germs and not nearly enough to the morbid ground upon which germ life breeds and thrives. Biochemists have proved that pure blood is the finest germicide, and it is impossible for the type of bacteria associated with disease to exist in an organism nourished by pure, chemically balanced blood. The cause of disease conditions lies in the morbid accumulations within the body, therefore the cure lies in removing these pathological materials and restoring the life stream to a state of chemical normality.


While there is but one entrance for substances that clog the body (the mouth) Nature has provided four channels of elimination: lungs, skin, kidneys and the exit from the bowels. In spite of the fact that there are four ways by which poisons and used materials leave the body, obstructions persist, and disease in one form or another manifests  due course. Nature makes repeated efforts to cleanse and free the body from obstructions and these eliminative efforts are the acute diseases to which people are subject, e.g. colds, fevers, diarrhea, skin eruptions. Every acute disease is a healing effort on the part of Nature, and every change that takes place in the organism is an effort towards producing the normal. Naturally the system becomes weakened by oft-repeated cleansing efforts, and in time the weakened organism can no longer throw off the torrent of waste matter effectively; then it is that chronic disorders establish themselves.

In the past medical science has endeavored to suppress Nature’s healing efforts, and drugs have been given which interfere with the natural processes of elimination. Instead of seeking underlying causes, effects (eliminative efforts – self-cleansing processes) have been treated (?), and while such suppressive treatment sometimes deadens pain and changes symptoms, it is opposed to natural law and ends by adding still further to the actual cause of bodily ailments. You cannot destroy evil with evil, yet the drugs and serums of orthodoxy are a deliberate attempt to cast out the devil by devilish means. The only medical substances that can cure are those that are natural to the body itself: elements found in natural foods and herbs which are similar to the vital salts and tissue building substances found within a normal, healthy constitution.



There are two main places where poisons are manufactured: the stomach and the lower intestines, although the latter (the large bowel) is the main source of auto-intoxication (self-poisoning). Sir William Arbuthnot Lane, one of the greatest surgeons, health teachers and thinkers of today, found that when he had removed the large bowel, or colon, by surgical means the patient always enjoyed a greater degree of health than formerly; some even seemed to be rejuvenated. However, cutting out the colon does not bring permanent health; the later effects are not so good. The point is: why does the removal of the colon result in better health and spirits for the time being in the majority of cases? Scientific investigators have proved that the reason is that the large bowel in most civilized people has degenerated into nothing more than a poison factory in which hosts of harmful bacteria breed and thrive on the morbid soil found in that part of the anatomy.

Nature has made no mistake in providing the colon, any more than she has done in the case of the appendix and the tonsils: all are vital and important organs evolved for a purpose, the two latter being de-toxicating (poison-removing) organs. Actually the large lower bowel is a sort of extra stomach where the salts from the roughage of vegetable and grain foods are assimilated. Minus a colon people would soon suffer from disorders due to silica starvation, to mention but one of several important salts which are absorbed through the minute organs situated in the lining of the bowel. Man has the colon of the ape family and yet he seeks to live on a diet suited to the intestines of a dog. There are many physiological reasons to prove that Nature intended man to feed on the produce of the vegetable kingdom: he has the liver and the assimilative organs of the vegetarian animals, and he is not biologically adapted to deal with flesh foods.


Feeding on excessive quantities of badly masticated food turns the stomach into a sort of cess-pool. It is here, in the stomach, that the evil begins, and the foul gases from the decaying food substances that have been held up in the stomach are sufficient in themselves to cause catarrh, headaches and mental and physical depression. When, eventually, the partly digested food reaches the intestines it is not in a fit state for the further processes through which it has to pass. Nature does what she can, but continual violation of the laws of Life must meet with a penalty: “we reap as we sow.” As the food substances are not in a fit condition to pass through the ensuing stages in the natural manner a further hold up takes place: Nature retains the food and tries to extract from it what is not there, fails to do so, and constipation results. The bowel becomes impacted with filth and before it is passed oft some of the poisons are absorbed into the system. There, in a few brief words, I have explained how physical diseases have their origin and how the system becomes poisoned.

While wrong and excessive feeding is the main cause of systemic poisoning I must point out that toxins are also manufactured within the body by worry and evil thinking. Of course, when the body is pure and healthy it is much easier to think good thoughts and to avoid morbid emotions. When sick, depressing thoughts tend to crowd the mind, thus one bad thing leads to another until a vicious circle is formed: body reacts on mind and mind reacts on body. Also, to indulge in weakening and insane habits lowers the vitality, and when vitality is low the eliminative organs do not accomplish their work so thoroughly. Poor functional activity on the part of these organs means that poisons are retained; not only toxins that may have been absorbed from the intestines, but also the waste products of metabolism (the process of breaking down and renewing of tissues) which in the ordinary way are dealt with by the organs of respiration, the skin and the kidneys.

The way to combat disease is not with drugs and mysterious formula, but to observe natural law and play the game of Life according to the rules. The essential steps are:

1. Promote speedy elimination of body poisons.

2. Build vitality with natural foods and biological remedies.

3. THINK HEALTH! BE HAPPY! BE ACTIVE!                                                                                                                                                        CHAPTER 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WHAT IS HEALTH ?

WHEN thinking is easy; when you can concentrate without difficulty and solve your problems as they turn up; when you are not conscious that you have a body; when you are free from aches and all physical distress; when you can stand, walk and run without being aware of your own weight; when you see beauty all about you; when living is a sheer joy – then you are in a state of health. Hea1th is the natural state of man, and there is only one person to blame for a lack of it: YOU! While weakly ancestors may have been responsible to a degree for handing you a weakly body and a sluggish glandular system, it lies within your own power to throw off all ancestral taints and ties, and by practical self-help to build a healthy, responsive physical machine. It can be done; it has been done; even in cases where all hope of life has been lost. If others have done it so can you: this points the way; So THINK HEALTH! BE HAPPY! BE ACTIVE! In order for a condition of perfect harmony to exist between mind and body (for health is harmony) it is necessary for you to make up your mind that you will get well. As I have stated previously, elimination is essential: before you can build a healthy organism you must clear away the rubbish and prepare the ground for a re-building process, otherwise labour will be in vain. The chapters following will tell you how to cleanse and purify your body: breathing, fasting, curative herbs and other methods will accomplish this important work with certainty so long as you keep up your determination to attain your objective. The will to win gets the prize


                                                       FROM SORROW TO JOY

Once your system has received a thorough spring-cleaning you will be able to note the gradual but sure return to well-being that follows your efforts. To feed on pure food and care for your body need not be a trying experience. Much the reverse: great pleasure can be derived from doing that which is good; the whole pathway from disease to health can be one that grows more interesting and more joyful as each day and week records the undeniable evidence of battles won and progress gained. Of course, patience is necessary. It takes years to become chronically ill, and health cannot be expected to return in a week or so: that is not Nature’s way. The way of Nature is slow, but it is sure and it is permanent. It takes time for the seed to grow unto the majesty of the mature tree, but it does happen because the seed must grow- it cannot do otherwise.. Chapter ten has been especially written to give you the necessary courage, so read it through carefully; read it several times until you feel thoroughly enthused with the spirit of a conqueror.


In this old world great civilizations have come and gone. They have sprung into being as a result of the positive thought of their peoples, and also because of their vital mental and physical abilities. When they failed, and when their power dwindled, it was due to one main fault: they neglected their health. When the individual units that go to make up a nation become mentally and physically depraved; when they become so drunk with power that they lose sight of the simple but essential facts of Life; when their wealth leads them away from plain living to scented gluttony; then it is that the entire nation gradually falls into decay. The law of cause and effect comes continually into the drama of Life, whether it be of a man or of a nation. The story of some of the greatest of the civilizations of the past has been lost to ordinary history, but many records have been kept be thoughtful, far-seeing men who have treasured the wisdom of all nations and who, from time to time, have deposited their writings in the little-known Communities of the White Brother-hood, which exist in certain parts of Persia and in the vast mountain strongholds of Tibet to this day. Of all the wisdom handed down that concerning the attainment and preservation of good health is the most interesting and important. It has been my privilege to gain access to this Fountain of Wisdom, and 1 have, in these pages, presented many of the health secrets of the Magi. I have been able to blend their teachings with those of the best of the health teachers of the modern scientific world. 


The most striking thing about all the genuine health teaching and philosophy, both of ancient and modern times, is the degree of stress laid on the necessity for self-help. Health cannot be swallowed from a drug bottle, neither can it be injected into the tissues; it cannot be made to flow through the organism from some elaborate electrical apparatus with a high-sounding name, neither can it be absorbed from a bath of medicated water. The most that the best of such measures can bring about is a certain degree of stimulation, and even the stimulation is not permanent unless steps are taken to free the body from poisonous matter and supply the blood with actual health-building elements.?

The public is bombarded on every side by advertisements holding forth cures for this and for that. As a rule a man spends his money, and all he receives in return is a dose of imagination. Having paid so much money he imagines that the medicine or the machine must do good. I have in mind a certain remedy that is sold to weak men: it is supposed to rejuvenate the nerves and the spine and restore youth. You can obtain a box for the modest sum of 5.-, but if that is not satisfactory you are advised to try double strength for 10.-, or: a most extra special strength for two guineas. Analysts reveals that all the “strengths'' are the same. Thus is the public fooled by money grabbers, and it deserves to be fooled. When a little more time is spent to the application of common sense the days of the dud remedy will be numbered. That time is not yet, but are Creator, speed the day!

All the means whereby health can be attained lie within your own organism. All the remedial aids you need are round and about you in full measure, many of them without money and without price. But, health will come to you only when you are willing to work for it. Do the right thing by living the life of an awakened soul and all things necessary to happiness will be showered upon you; then you will be able to say, with conviction, “Health is wealth: that wealth is mine.                                                                                                                                                                        

 To be continued.   from the Desk of Peter de Boer (w-side owner ).Be happy and of a good cheer!

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