April 19, 2021, 2:26 pm

April showers at one place and sleet at another. A few spots here and there beckoning unto us to rest awhile.

Nature's pharmacy is open and free. Not how much, but how little we use with understanding really counts.

Dandelions, mustard, foenucky, watercress, violets, moss, and ferns galore. A little of this, and less of that, is like catnip would be to a sick cat. Certainly, catnip tea, mild peppermint, pennyroyal and spearmint hold a mint of health that leads to mental and financial wealth.

All the field greens should constitute the base of salad; all else is optional.

Although cucumbers are largely of the hothouse variety, use them in very small quantities daily for the sake of the consistency of the blood and opening the pores for better action, throwing off undue acidity.

One to two drops of Eucalyptus oil in a glass of hot water in the morning, and at noon, will keep you from felling hungry.

Do not forget violets and nasturtiums in your salads when radishes, black radish, or horseradish are not being served.

Baked asparagus on toast, with or without drawn butter, or cream gravy, will make a full entree. A little chopped parsley will improve the dish and act upon the adrenal glands, assuring greater buoyancy.

All kinds of uncultivated greens, blossoms and roots are available for our good.

Artichokes are plentiful. One small one, or one-half of a large one, suffices at one meal. Should be parboiled for ten minutes, put into pan after quick draining and baked for fifteen minutes, or more, according to size.

For three mornings out of ten be sure you use anise seeds in your dishes.

Green peas with additional oil, steamed slowly, will get done in their own juice. Add mint sauce for medicinal effect. Dumplings go best with peas; also new potatoes. Squared squash will help peas to get done quicker, and the combination proves of value to the endocrine gland.

String beans have to be parboiled for five minutes, and set in an oven to finish. Flavor with oregano. Improves the gonoidal operations.

Do not spare the asparagus, or spare-grass; eat it at noon and for dinner. Have asparagus on your salad; take asparagus consume, steamed, or parboiled, and thereafter baked in the oven or a well-covered dish.

A gnawing sensation by lunch time is a sure sign that foreigners have moved into the intestinal tract. Better shoot them out with a dose of Eucalyptus.

Anise cakes made with white of egg are wholesome for children, invalids and grown folks. It's good for what ails you.

The water cure holds good, although it is better to use plenty of field greens, including field-salad a small-leafed plant that contains collodion, so helpful to the membranes.

Soft boiled eggs, quickly scrambled eggs, fast poached, and raw eggs may be used by anemic persons and those who suffer from general debility. The rheumatically and neurotically inclined should have sulfur baths, Epsom salt baths, and wear one teaspoonful of sulfur to each stocking, changing twice a day; retiring to bed with sulfured socks on.

All kinds of squash are in season. A little goes a long way, acting upon the solar plexus.

Be sure you use largely rendered (clarified) sweet butter in all your cooking for the present. Use olive oil very sparingly. The more green stuffs you use, the more of the clarified butter you take. Make your French dressing with butter; also your mayonnaise.

Unfermented bread, matzos, doughgods are in order; so are dumplings, noodles, cottage cheese, ravioli steamed in fresh tomato juice, or squash.

Agar-agar with rhubarb, and Irish moss with mashed ripe strawberries, are best for a swollen liver. Remember, not only for a salad, but scissored into stewed and baked dishes, sorrel is of value. The greatest preventive in scrofulous bodies. Tumors and cancers flee from sorrel. In addition, use a tablespoonful of grated raw black radish before each meal, for twenty -one days.

Use parsley, finely chopped, on all dishes, and keep on using a little blanched celery.

All kinds of herbs, savories and flavors, condiments and roots, are to be used in homeopathic doses with all our dishes.

One-half cup of grated carrot with one teaspoonful of anise seeds and a dash of cardamom will help any one in doubt as to stomach or liver troubles. Use three times a day for three days. In case of tapeworms, use for a week.

Rhubarb and chives, or Bermuda onions, go well together in intestinal troubles.

There is more value in a dish of beans than three equal dishes of potato. Still, beans eaten too often are apt to constipate as do potatoes. With plenty of oil on the side, modification sets in.

Above all things, please do take your exercises five times a day; either with prayer, or upon song.

The time for milk cure is upon us. Having undergone general purification, some of us need a milk cure. Be sure you get good milk. The best way is to go out to the dairy country, where you can get the milk fresh from the cow. Start with a quart a day, using green stuffs from field and garden. Do a great deal of scientific exercising. Every third day add a pint of milk, but reduce green stuffs; by the eighteenth day you consume four quarts of milk, and very little greens. Now decrease by degrees the milk quantities, and increase green stuffs, taking very small, homeopathic doses of gruels. It may be well to add to every pint of milk a pinch of borax.

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