June 6, 2020, 3:13 pm

Mazdaznan Monthly Health Tips for June

Cherries, eaten mashed or steamed, according to temperament, create ironite, conducive to the quickening of the blood.

It is best to flush the intestines with a mild solution of saleratus in the morning, and later in the day take the juice of cherries to derive full benefit. Have small quantities of cherries daily for 3 weeks.

Seedless grapes are plentiful, and used in small quantities, raw or steamed, for many weeks to come, will reveal to us the fact that nature's remedy lies in proper eating and drinking.

"To the pure everything is pure" should be interpreted that to the organically well all is good, digestible, assimilative, and consequently, of value. All others have to modify matters, or suffer.

Apricots must be peeled and eaten with caution. In connection with a peach, the apricots will prove a wonderful purifier. Go well with popcorn.

Sliced peaches on wheat cakes, or waffles, with a little sweet butter and honey, will give zest to the hardworking man.

For a summer drink you will find bran lemonade the best (one cup of bran to one quart of distilled water, allowed to stand for an hour, or more). Add fresh juice of grapes to taste, and the drink will prove wholesome food at the same time.

To derive full benefit from melons use in connection saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt or cayenne.

Thereafter just use saleratus three times a day and finish up rubbing gums and stuffing cavities with oil of Eucalyptus.

Eat all vegetables raw or baked, and grow strong, well, vigorous.

Use a little more psychological high pressure, breathing out three to five times the length of your inhalation.

All berries are good, providing they are ripe. If not, then you had better steam them and reduce them to a minimum. Dehydrated berries are better than the best laboratorial remedies. Try it out and be convinced.

Unripe strawberries lay a foundation to acidosis, rheumatism, gout, diabetes, dropsy, pancreatic troubles, constipation and pyorrhea. Team them, adding honey, and you fare a little better.

Bran, rolled oats, and flaked rice will make an ideal breakfast food.

Honeydews, casabas, Persians watermelons, melons in general, are coming in. Eaten in small quantities, their ingredients become a potential remedial agent. In large quantities the distillation counteracts all virtues, and will make one, lazy, mean, and constipated.

If in doubt what to eat, drink fruit juices with distilled water; if in doubt what to drink, eat grated carrots with anise, fennel, or foenucky seeds.

Lettuce, cucumber, radishes and green peas (raw) still make a good salad.

You will not go wrong if the salad is made up of three diverse vegetables and you bake no more than three diverse bulb-roots, or pod-vegetables.

A baked potato and a roasted corn cob is always welcome. But bear in mind that during the R-less months we must eat but little and drink more for the free action of the porous system.

Teas of all kinds are in order. Coffee is to be used black, and only when one has overindulged in solid foods.

All kinds of fruit pies and vegetable pot pies are in order.

Wherever fruits disagree, steam or bake them, and be satisfied you have made a wonderful discovery.

Do not deny yourself anything the market affords. Bean sprouts and fresh honey are the best general tonic for the glands below the solar plexus.

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