September 20, 2019, 4:09 pm

Mazdaznan Monthly Health Tips for September

Salads should always be the first plate at dinner.

Fruit salads are best for lunch. Used with rolled oats all requirements are met. Toasted bran may be substituted now and then.

You do not make a mistake when you take a grated apple or apple sauce. With rolled oats the desired effect is obtained. Splendid in liver complaints.

Do not use soups if other dishes are to follow. A bowl of soup and wholesome bread is all we should have for our meal. The same holds good of stews.

Baked apple, apple cobblers or apple dumplings, adding rolled oats, are a meal, and effective in all intestinal weaknesses. A clove will call out the medicinal value of an apple when fired.

Pears are best when thoroly chilled. Regulate the bile. Excellent in cases of jaundice. When steamed or baked they should be eaten with a dash of nutmeg.

Persimmons should be allowed to ripen until very soft. Then they should be iced if they are to be used as a remedy for scrofulous and cancerous constitutions.

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