February 28, 2020, 8:52 am

Mazdaznan Monthly Health Tips for February

Lent is the season for abstinence. (THIS YEAR 2001 LENT STARTS ON THE OF FEBRUARY)

Fast as prompted by one's own intuition.

Salts are omitted when using herbs of all kinds for medicinal purposes.

One derives medicinal value from roots, herbs and blossoms. They may be used in their natural state, when pulverized all kinds of leaves, barks, roots, etc. Use these instead of spices or salts.

Discard all leftovers or rather arrange menu so that there will be nothing left.

Some temperaments fare better on vegetable juices interspersed with salads.

Other temperaments fare best on fruit juices, and copious drinking of pure spring or distilled water.

Some fare well on one meal a day, fasting two or more days a week.

Unleavened bread sticks prepared in various ways may be served with salads, fruit, vegetable drinks or teas.

Ash Wednesday is a day for fasting and special care of the body. Use pinch of ashes internally; bathe, rub, pinch, squeeze, massage, oil the body; follow with an ash rub, from the crown of head to the soles of the feet. Repeat for following two days; then bathe body.

Lenten Season reminds us that after many months of feasting and high living it is time to observe a process of purification. To purify the body and thus set our higher nature free, to open the portals of the mind, we need to chastise the body by fasting at intervals followed by a simple, light and meager diet.

Flour may be made into flat, unleavened bread; use peanut butter bread sticks; flaxseed, anise, caraway, cardamom may be made into sticks, brittles or cakes; may be served with all different kinds of greens, particularly raw rhubarb, leek, chives, green onions, lettuce, dandelion, mustard leaves, watercress, sorrel, violets, nasturtiums.

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