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Mazdaznan Monthly Health Tips for August

AUGUST has come and with it the height of the summer season, reminding us of the great opportunities before us of serving The Creator in the woods, the mountains, and on the seashore.

The month for cold lunches and raw foods, with little or no drinking, as the fruits and vegetables now in season contain from sixty to ninety-five per cent, of nature's distilled water.

Abstain from water; when thirsty and desirous of a cooling drink, take lemon, grape or orange juice, two tablespoonfuls to a glass of water.

This is the month for taking the Grape Cure. The white grape is for kidney and liver disorders and the blue variety is for skin affections like eczema, etc.

Discard butter, cheese (fermented), cream, eggs and milk at this season. Sour milk junket, buttermilk or lemonades milk are in order.

Use chicory, lettuce, green onion, spinach and radish sparingly and as a garnish only at this season.

Abstain from cocoa, chocolate as well as candies and sweets. The less oils and nuts used at this season the better; but fresh peanuts in moderation may be used in their raw state.

Tansy, buttercup, sorrel and mustard leaves used as a salad will prove very beneficial in generative disorders and will also correct habits.

This is the month that best repays attention to the scalp. In washing the hair use tar soap alternately with glycerin soap. Rinse with chamomile tea:
1 oz. of chamomile blossoms will make five gallons of the tea or sufficient for five applications. Sage tea is also good. For dandruff use the juice of half a lemon and half oz. of spirits of Cologne. It may sting, but keep it up for ten days.

Whatever the locality in which one lives produces, that is the foodstuff of the season. Prepare mostly what requires no cooking. Even sun baked biscuits will prove more wholesome than oven baked bread.

When working hard, whether in or outdoors, it will be well to keep an earthenware vessel filled with well strained water, adding a cupful of wheat, oatmeal or Indian cornmeal to each quart of water. Such a drink will quench the thirst and prove a food at the same time.

Let him who suffers from consumption, catarrh, hay fever or bronchial trouble bury his body in the hot sand for an hour with a green umbrella to shade his head, and sponge his body thereafter with boiled vinegar. Keep this up daily for ten days and every other day thereafter until the month is passed.

Whenever a cold or cramp is contracted owing to excessive use of ice water or ice cream, take a cup of strong ginger-tea or its equivalent in ginger-root.

Brown sand is most effective this month, take a pinch of it on an empty stomach.

In the morning the body should be powdered with washing soda, bicarbonate of soda, borax or sculpture to ensure good skin action, a pure tint and refreshing fragrance.

In choosing vegetables, if one is fibrous or mealy the other must be juicy so as to prove cooling and nourishing.

Lemons should be used daily. Whenever there is a craving for something tart and salty take the juice of one lemon and a spoonful of salt, beat it thoroughly and take either a teaspoonful at short intervals or take the whole quantity at once.

Water-melon will drive out epilepsy and yellow fever.

Steam potato with caraway, dill, fennel, or any other aromatic seeds.

Wheat rolls, muffins, scones and corn-cakes are in season, but abstain entirely from butter, cheese and sweet milk, while eggs should be stored in jars filled with salt, but not eaten for they are not in season.

Now is the time for the sufferer from private diseases to demonstrate the kindness of mother nature. Make a bandage shaped like the letter T and place fresh mint up the small of the back and over the abdomen just over the navel and liberally over the generative. Also chew a leaf of mint regularly every hour or keep a leaf of mint upon the tongue until it becomes tasteless, when replace it by a fresh one. The bandage is simply to keep the leaves in place. Continue this treatment for twenty-seven days.

Where the hair begins to get thin and has lost its luster or life, use the following preparation two or three times daily, one teaspoonful to be rubbed into the scalp and on the hair. One-half ounce of quinine, eight ounces of fluid extract of colocynth, one-half ounce of

paraffin, six ounces of rain or distilled water. The juice of two lemons added to this preparation will help to remove dandruff.

Take advantage of the opportunity offered by mother nature. Remove footwear and walk barefooted over the earth. Take to the dusty and sandy roads. Walk until the feet seem to burn and only for a moment step aside into the shade, returning again where the sands hold the sun's heat. Walking for an hour in this way will eliminate more morbid matter from the system than all the observations of a strict diet. Taken from the Book MAZDAZNAN Science of Dietetics; Visit our Online Book store.

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