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Fevers, colds and diseases in general are nature's methods to throw off waste matter from the system, attempting to save itself from more serious inconveniences. We should welcome such symptoms as kind warnings, and adopt means that will assist nature. We will find occasional fasting the best of all means, resorting to out-of-door work, breathing freely and eating more fruit or drinking plenty of soft, distilled water. Never allow yourself to become alarmed, as fear and worry will increase the poisonous condition of the system and make matters more complicated. Be moderate in all things, even with your exercises and manual labours. When eating make it a point not to use more than three different kinds of dishes at a meal, and stop eating at a time when food still seems to appeal to the palate. Take time in thoroughly masticating foods, which is equal to half the process of digestion, and the system can more readily assimilate, thus retain the substance contained in foods.

Sleeping apartments should preferably have eastern or southern exposure. To rise early, taking a thorough towel rub, and an exercise of a gentle nature, mainly stretching the body in all positions and postures, is beneficial.

It is well to seek a place of silence daily for a few minutes, where you may relax the muscles and breathing gently and with ease, remembering that you are the representation of perfect being, nature and the universe.

Nervous diseases seem to increase as our methods of living become more artificial, living as it were from paper packets. The more we subsist on artificial foods and products out of season, all the more does the blood become impoverished, and lacking the necessary mineral elements, particularly sodium, calcium and magnesium. The stomach becomes out of order and with it all corresponding functions become lamed or paralysed. To prevent a disease of this nature advancing, one may resort to plain, simple dishes, largely of fruits and vegetables in their fresh state, requiring no preparation through baking or cooking. Whole wheat gruel, quickly cooked rice, raw spinach, lettuce, ground peas with ground blanched almonds, cucumbers, cauliflower, grated carrots, figs, plums, strawberries, apples, milk, clarified butter, cottage cheese and eggs may constitute a menu from which to makes one's selection. Fermented bread and cakes are best discarded, as are also spices, flavours, condiments or appetisers in general.

We should only eat when hungry, and then the more hungry we are, the slower we want to sip hot water preparatory to a good meal.

Raw rolled oats may be used with fruits and salads for a neutraliser of acids.

Salads should nominally be small if they are to become eliminators. Too large a salad only too frequently retards the proper effect.

Dumplings are in order and may be used in small quantities frequently. Serve with tomato or browned flour sauce.

To improve the liver, eat a grated apple upon retiring and drink very mild hot lemonade upon an empty stomach.

The greater the variety of foods, the more we grow away from the desire of much food, and realise that the thought applied to mastication supplies the needful assimilation.

For more info sea The Book ; Science of Dietetics by O.Z.A.Ha"nish.M.D

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