May 17, 2021, 3:52 am

Welcome To The Mazdaznan Association Life 4sys Program

Modern times are hard on the individual. Our frantic pace of life leaves little room for regular exercise, proper diet and calm spaces for reflective thinking. Today, more people than ever are looking for solutions to this problem. Yet the keys to living a truly balanced life have been known for thousands of years.

In fact, many current self-improvement activities - yoga, dance, tai chi, gymnastics, ayurveda and so on - were part of philosophical systems originated centuries ago that incorporate universal life-enriching principles similar to those presented in the. LIFE(FORCES)4CES. program. The journey toward wholeness most properly begins with a knowledge of self. So that is where we begin.

Mazdaznan faith and way of healthy living

Self Discovery

The goal of LIFE4CES is to help you develop your entire being to its highest potential. Since every individual is unique - not only physically, mentally and spiritually, but in how they function in the world - only a specifically designed plan can effectively help each person reach his or her goals. Therefore, the first step toward integrating the various aspects of yourself into a harmonious whole is to discover in which ways you are unique. This is why we begin with the process we call "Self Discovery."Every individual has a Practical (pragmatic) side, an Analytical (mathematical) side and a Spiritual (artistic) side. Using a time-tested method of analysis we call U-R-U you will learn to assess these aspects, their relative strengths and how they are balanced within you. This analysis, which determines your fundamental side and how the other two sides relate, produces an Individual Temperament Profile (ITP), the results of which will guide you on your individual path toward greater health and happiness.

Breathing Exercises

Our system of rhythmical breathing exercises is called En-Air-Getics and is designed to help deliver oxygen and other energy-producing elements more effectively to the areas of your body that need it most. This aids in stimulating vitality, reducing stress, increasing concentration, strengthening the immune defense system and developing your higher senses.

Healthy Diet

What you eat and drink has an enormous effect on your health, mood and ability to function. The LIFE4CES ,Colorfood Diet System not only teaches the fundamentals of proper food selection and preparation, but also helps you create a personalized diet that best suits your individual taste, temperament, current activity and goals.

Proper Body Care

LIFE4CES, Gentle Gym is a series of exercises that helps revitalize, rejuvenate, harmonize and strengthen your endocrine system. Your very appetite for life will be increased by assuring that your thyroid, kidneys, gonads, pituitary and other endocrine glands are properly aligned and relieved of unnecessary pressures. These exercises may be done in private at your own pace to the accompaniment of stimulating music.

Prenatal Education

How a child experiences life in the womb has a direct bearing on his or her success in life. Our SYSTEM 4 LIFE program of prenatal education teaches parents the best times to practice those activities which will stimulate the child's inherent talents and potentials.

All LIFE4CES, practices work together to promote true health and youthful vigor in body, mind and soul. As you incorporate more and more of our exercises, diet and attitudes into your daily routine, your entire body will be recharged with increased oxygen and hormonal flow. Your energy will increase. Your immune system will be strengthened. Your higher powers will become more developed. Ultimately, you will become a stronger, more capable and more fully realized person.

Start your journey today!