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The History of Mazdaznan
Southern Tibet: The origin of the Mazda(yasni )teachings 9,000 years ago.

Southern Tibet: The origin of the Mazda(yasni )teachings 9,000 years ago.

Where did the Mazda(yasni) teachings begin?

Ancient medallion of the Prophet?s Anahita found in Nothern Afghanistan in 1978 (National Geographic, March, 1990)

Many religions teach that The Creator has revealed the way to paradise and true happiness to certain prophets and seers. Our tradition holds that Ainyahita, a woman prophet living over 9,000 years ago in the Southern part of Tibet, was the first to be blessed with the revelations on which the Mazdayasni educational and (religious) systems are based. Ainyahita is referred to in ancient Persian scriptures as the Prophet's Anahita. According to Dr. Ha’nish, many of her teachings, albeit changed over time, spread as far as Egypt, Greece, India, China and even to pre-Colombian America.

Ancient medallion of the Prophet’s Anahita
found in Nothern Afghanistan in 1978
(National Geographic, March, 1990)

How have these Mazdayasni ancient teachings survived?

Some 3,000 years after Ainyahita’s birth, another fundamental piece was added to the Mazdayasni mosaic when the Persian prophet Zarathustra, having received a similar vision of the concepts revealed to Ainyahita, taught them to his people. Restating many of Ainyahita’s first principles, he also added practical elements, such as hygienic rules and agricultural techniques. Again, many important elements of these teachings not only dramatically influenced neighboring cultures like the Hebrews, but far-reaching cultures like Greece to the west and China to the east. Through the centuries, many important aspects of the teachings of Ainyahita and Zarathustra were seemingly lost or forgotten. Nevertheless, there were a few men and women ready and willing to follow the path of self-realization who were entrusted with Ainyahita’s and Zarathustra’s original teachings and charged with keeping them alive from one generation to the next.

Zarathustra, one of Mazdayani?s founding teachers.

Zarathustra, one of Mazdayani’s founding teachers.

Several thousands of years before the birth of Yahshua(Jesus) these faithful followers sought out remote places creating small villages where they could live piously and cultivate their traditions undisturbed by the outside world. Over time, these small groups grew into various communities located in several regions around the world. One of these groups is what is now known as the (Mazdayasni community), which has survived for thousands of years and still resides in a secret place in the Himalayan Mountain Range.The Mazda(yasni )teachings are embedded in nature and as long as there is a human being on this earth, there is always hope that these truths will be rediscovered.

What is the connection of Yahushua(Jesus )the Christ to the Mazdayasni teachings?

It was from the ancient Mazdayasni communities that the three wise men came to bring presents to the newborn baby Yahushua (Jesus). The words “three wise men” are a very free translation of the words, ” the three Magian Kings." Magian is a word that was commonly used in the Middle East to designate the priests from the order of Zarathustra. Here we find the family of Yahushua (Jesus) receiving not only presents from these priests but also being influenced by their thoughts and philosophy throughout all his life. (Several scholars also accept the influence of Zoroastrianis in the Israel’s religion and customs.)From all Saviors, Sages and Prophets ever born into this world,Yahushua( Jesus) stands out above them all as the incarnation of Love and Wisdom. He ushered in a new order of Things. He taught the high and the lowly, bringing joy and comfort to the poor, oppressed and downtrodden. His evangelical words of hope, cheer and goodwill healed the sick. He revealed to all the life divine. He instructed and counseled them in all that appertained to a perfect life on earth-the life of righteousness and peace. Jesus at age 12The Blessed Savior came at a time when all people living in the Middle East region reached a momentum that demanded a change, lest deterioration should destroy the path to progress. True, it meant an untold price of sacrifice and it brought indescribable suffering to the virtuous souls who followed his teachings. He should inspire us then to face heroically the phenomenal states of existence with all the latter’s delusions, and we should be conscious that eventually our highest and noblest ideals, akin to those expressed by the Blessed Savior, will be materialized here upon this earth. To this end, we should ever bear in mind Spenta Ainyahita’s original covenant revealing our purpose on earth, namely that:
"I am here upon this earth,
To reclaim the earth,
To turn the deserts into a paradise,
A paradise most suitable
Unto are Creator and His associates To dwell therein!"

How did the Mazdayasni message get from the Himalayan community to the Western world?

For thousands of years, the Mazdayasni community periodically sent messengers to inspire individuals and groups to live a righteous life. Yet until 1890 the source of their knowledge and place of origin was kept secret.During the latter part of the 19th century, the ancient Mazdayasni community, located in the Kunlun Mountains, decided that the time was right to share more of the Mazdayasni teachings to help prepare individuals and the world for a new era. As its messenger, the community had chosen a young man and adopted son named Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish. His mission at that time was to convince leaders of the disparate European nations to unite in the cause of world peace. As these leaders were unwilling to accept his message he turned his eyes and hopes to the new world.By 1880, he migrated to the United States where he traveled to the largest cities, meeting with pioneers in a variety of scientific, social and metaphysical fields. His mission as a Mazdaznan public teacher started in 1890 with the founding of the Mazdaznan Peace Center in Chicago, Illinois, at which point he introduced himself to the world as Rev. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish. For the first time in recorded history, the true origin of metaphysical thought, Zoroastrianism, Free Masonry, Christianity, and other ancient religions, ceremonies and philosophies were revealed as linked to Mazdaznan. As a result of his untiring work, many Mazdaznan study groups soon sprang up throughout North America. Groups in South America (1900) and Europe (1906) soon followed.

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