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Gentle Gym Energizing the Body from Within


Gentle Gym Booket: A 16 page guide.

Gentle Gym Video: A 15 minute video.


The harmonious and efficient operation of the nervous system, the circulatory system and the endocrine system plays a very important role in keeping our bodies healthy and young, our minds alert and focused, and our emotions positive. The endocrine system, in particular, affects your mental and emotional states as much as it does your physical state. Each gland and organ has a specific task to perform. They must all work in harmony for you to feel your best. The endocrine system is directly affected by your emotions and feelings, by subtle vibrations in your surroundings such as light, color, odor, music and noise; and also by rhythmic, repetitive activities such as dancing.

Gentle Gym is a series of exercises that helps revitalize, rejuvenate, harmonize and strengthen your endocrine system. Your very appetite for life will be increased by assuring that your thyroid, kidneys, gonads, pituitary and other endocrine glands are properly aligned and relieved of unnecessary pressures. These exercises may be done in private at your own pace to the accompaniment of stimulating music.

Head and Neck Exercises

Head Exercises

The exercises described here are designed to gently activate your endocrine glands to improve their performance. Music and color visualization are important elements of the exercises.

These exercises help the pituitary gland by relaxing the neck muscles and improving the blood circulation in the head area. You will feel immediately invigorated and your ability to focus will increase dramatically. As you perform these exercises, mentally direct your breath to the pituitary gland, visualizing the color indigo.

1. Inhale while turning your head slowly toward your right shoulder, then to your left shoulder. With no interruption, but this time while exhaling, repeat the same movements. This constitutes one set. Keep the rest of your body still. Do at least four sets.

2. Sit erect with your chest raised. Slowly and carefully bend your head forward, dropping your chin to your chest. Then slowly bend your head back. This constitutes one set. Your head must drop forward and backward by its own weight. Keep your eyes open at all times. Inhale during the first full set, then without interruption, exhale during the next set. Do at least four sets.

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