May 17, 2021, 4:03 am

Mazdaznan Founder
Rev. Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish

Who was Rev. Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish?

Dr. Ha'nish was born in the mid-1800s to a Russian Prince and his German wife while in a diplomatic mission in Persia. As a baby, Otoman suffered from a congenital heart defect. Still in Persia, the parents heard about a community in the nearby mountains where it was believed the inhabitants could eventually provide the right treatment for their son. After several days of travel, the family reached the mountain village enclave. Here the child would thrive under the healthy regimen of the community while learning to live with his defect all his life. It is believed that once he regained enough strength he was brought to a secret community farther in the Himalayas where he was trained and educated under the direction of enlightened teachers.The purpose of this training and education was to enable him to harmoniously and naturally develop his physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual nature. The training regimen included general education (music, composition, math, languages, etc.), mystical sciences (alchemy, astrology, etc.), and daily breathing exercises, proper diet and exercises to enhance the glandular system all combined with a daily routine of productive labor.When he was 24 years old, he volunteered to be sent as the next messenger of this community to the world. Before coming to Europe, he spent several years traveling and learning in the Far East and other continents. Some years later in Europe, he studied medicine at Oxford University. Trained as a scientist and armed with broad knowledge of the world, Dr. Ha'nish was ideally suited to demonstrate the truths and beneficial effects embodied in the Mazdaz nan(yani ) practices of breathing, nerve and gland re-generation, exercises and diet.

One of his many unique public contributions to the world was the presentation of ancient teachings in modern terms that an industrialized society could understand and embrace. Breaking out of the closed and somewhat secretive community of esoteric teaching practitioners, he revealed the universal and eternal truths under the name Mazdaznan to the world at large.

After coming to America and founding the Mazdaznan Peace Center in Chicago, he continued to lead, write and teach for another 46 years. We remain faithful to fundamental Mazdaznan teachings as the key to becoming our own masters. And we remember Dr. Ha'nish as one who was able to declare peace to the world. LOOK IN The PHILOSOPHY of MA.ZDA.(YANI.) NAN Teachings ;Introduction ,pages 1-16.

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