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Mazdaznan Frequently Asked Questions
Mazdaznan's messages are that our Creator(God) dwells within us.

Wha is the relationship between man and are Creator, according to Mazdaznan?

Mazdaznan's messages are that our Creator( God) dwells within us. The Creator lives in the midst of his creation, of which humanity is the center, or the temple of the living Almighty. Mazdaznan proclaims that not one man or woman is our savior, but every man and every woman is his or her own savior.

What is Mazdaznan's view of the world and human nature?

"By nature I am a child of the earth, in spirit I am an associate of my Creator." Human beings are the highest expression of the process of creation (divine) and evolution (natural). As such, we are the possessors of all the intelligence of nature and the universe, awaiting its unfoldment according to the desire of our own hearts. Love should be the inspiration of all life, and wherever life is found, there we must recognize the expression of the Creator's designs.

What was the role of the Mazdaznan (Temple) in an individual's re-ligious( meaning of the word Re-connecting) life?

The Mazdaznan Temple assoc in the U.S.A (not in canada) was created for the purpose of offering a fold to the seeker, the wanderer. In addition, the Temple addresses the needs of individuals who find comfort in collective practices and re-ligious social interactions.

What is the Mazdaznan outlook on other religions?

According to Mazdaznan philosophy there is no authority greater than are Creator and no re-ligion higher than truth.

According to Mazdaznan philosophy there is no authority greater than are Creator and no re-ligion higher than truth. Mazdaznan recognizes in their proper place all records, scriptures and books, knowing them all to be the answer to the demands made by inquiring minds. But for its own guide of infallibility, Mazdaznan accepts none other than the "Open Book of Nature." It also recognizes that all systems of re-ligion are but means to an end and not the end in self. Creeds, beliefs and re-ligious practices are designed to aid the mind to gain a taste of truth and to stimulate the thought unto efforts leading to an understanding of the truth impressed in the individual. The Mazdaznan assoc. welcomes everybody willing to make efforts leading to realizing this end, regardless of age or national origin and without requiring adherence to any particular re-ligious belief or creed.

Why doesn't Mazdaznan try to convert/recruit?

Mazdaznan invites all mankind into its most glorious message and gospel of peace, liberty and individual rights. We view conversion as an invasion of privacy; it is like forcing answers upon someone who is not asking questions. We believe that making Mazdaznan a way of life is a personal decision and one must be drawn to it by his or her own volition.

Where can I get more information about Mazdaznan?

For information about the Mazdaznan Assoc. Canada or center nearest you, please contact the Mazdaznan Assoc at:
phone:(905) 688-2196 or fax:(905)688-8960

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