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En-Air-Getics Breathing Exercises

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En-Air-Getics Booket: A 16 page guide and audio CD


Every one breathes. It's one of the prerequisites for life on this planet. Yet, most people do not know how to breathe correctly. Or, they do not take advantage of the power of breath to help them relax, heal and think clearly.

Life4Sys puts great emphasis on proper breathing as one of the keys to achieving your fullest potential mentally, physically and emotionally. Breathing, done intentionally and with conscious effort, helps your body rid itself of impurities. It promotes healthy functioning of other organs. It increases your energy, decreases fatigue and promotes better sleep. It helps you clear your mind and focus your thoughts. It provides a natural

foundation for other exercises conducive to your health and well being.

Our system of rhythmical breathing exercises is called En-Air-Getics and is designed to help deliver oxygen and other energy-producing elements more effectively to the areas of your body that need it most. This aids in stimulating vitality, reducing stress, increasing concentration, strengthening the immune defense system and developing your higher senses.

To get some sense of what proper breathing can do for you, try the En-Air-Getics breathing exercises described below. Every individual has his or her own natural rhythm for this kind of breathing. However, the most important rule when performing any En-Air-Getics breathing exercise is: never force yourself to inhale, exhale or retain the breath beyond what you feel is comfortable and relaxing. You will need to experiment until it feels right for you. Therefore, if you need to decrease the counts in the exercises described please do so. The more you practice deep breathing, the longer you will be able to sustain the counts for inhalation and exhalation.


The Exhale/Pause Method

Stand, sit or lie down in a well-ventilated place. Relax your body, be still, and take a normal breath. (See picture to the right).

Prepare for this excercise by filling up your lungs completely as you listen to the pianos four initial counts.

1. Exhale slowly through the nostrils for six counts, emptying your lungs completely.

2. Pause for four counts.

3. Inhale a full, easy breath through the nostrils for two counts. Repeat exercise four times.

(note that the quality of video and audio in the original tapes extremely exceed that which you are listening through the internet. The sample presented will help you to get an idea of the excercises part of this program.)

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