May 17, 2021, 4:20 am

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  • Physical Body systems - If the Glands Could only Talk?

Each of us has three great operational systems in our body:

  • the circulatory
  • the nervous
  • the glandular

These three great designs are closely related,interdependent,and associated as function - in this study, we will separate the glandular from the nervous and circulatory systems.

In order to fully understand the function of the family of glands, we must first know the purpose of the body organs and what to do to avert trouble or complications which have been imposed upon us. This we know will require some serious study.

For example, until very recent times the world of medicine did not know the real purpose of the spleen or how its relation to the stomach and the bile aides in our digestive process. The spleen has a very great function and is of absolute necessity in a normally organized body.

In "this book we will come to know our glands. We will learn to manipulate all of our body organs mentally. We will learn mental control as well as physical massage brought about by controlled body movements.

Because we have not lived properly nor exercised correctly, our body organs have developed adhesions and to the extent there are adhesions, there can be trouble.

All of our so called blues are to be found in adhesions which tend to sap our body energies. That is how old age creeps in! We lose our buoyancy and the figure that goes with youth, real youth. We experience a constant tired feeling and occasional sudden exhaustion. For example, melancholy can develop when there are adhesions between the liver and the intestines. Because of that dragging condition we get the blues.

In a body free from adhesions the organs are controlled by virtue of their own force and power. The magnetic field of operation is free. The individual will be happy, joyous, always in a good mood, never cross, mean, or angry. Awakened at any time of the night, the eyes will open quickly - wide and clear.

With the magnetic field of operation working freely in the body we are always ready to apply ourselves to the tasks of the day, knowing that the means are ever available to accomplish all those things which we desire to demonstrate in our lives, for new health fulfills new purposes.


The human manifestation is not a physical being in the true sense of the word. Nature intended for man to become equally spiritual in expression. To be spiritualized, to be able to make contact with any other similar materialization throughout the universe - one way this can be accomplished is by awakening the glandular system.

The study of the glandular system is truly a most challenging endeavor and a complicated one too, if we were to go into tedious detail. There is so much to know because of all the mental phases created in man, the results of which show in the glandular substances supplied to the brain. The one cannot function without the other - no glandular system - no brain. But the brain, like the bloom of the tree avails us nothing if this bloom, these buds, these flowers, are not turning into fruit reaching and gaining the roots of the spirit.

The brain is our sum and substance by virtue of which we are able to come to a thorough understanding of ourselves. Our heart can only bear out all that our mind is capable of comprehending. Even the heart and heart culture avails us nothing if the brain - the vehicle of the soul - lacks the balanced glandular activity to expand and come to full maturity.

What is to be done? We must learn to animate and re-animate and charge and re-charge these brain cells. Even science admits that only a small portion of the brain isT still not being used to its full capacity.

The circulatory system assures us of more perfect organic operation; the n^fevous system gives us vim, vigor, strength afifci vitality to carry out our better living program.

We must awaken the glandular system to be able to charge the brain cells, releasing the intelligence contained therein for the paving of the way to absolute freedom from limitation and disease.

We will learn, with such understanding and confidence in ourselves, in every part of our being, that we know every particular group intelligence, for every organ has its own intelligence by virtue of the relation of the component parts.

The system works in groups, not as individual entities and individual cells, but everything in your body works together and all the diverse parts have their particular intelligence and this intelligence has to have full sway. For this reason we instruct our intelligence, these group intelligences; we instruct them as to their purpose and they in turn educate their cellular part.

It is a process of education and information - informing yourself as to what is expected of each and every group, and then it works well. Talking to oneself is the proper and right thing to do and we want to remember to establish a rapport with the various component parts of our make-up and not to leave it to the mind to continuously counsel and control. It is wearing on the mind and also depletes our body energies.

There are no limitations. Whatever we expect to reach, when it is reached, it is not the end of our endeavors; it is only one more of those innumerable, uncountable, unlimited revelations that are ever waiting for us to accept. Life is continuous and with it comes harmony, ever unfolding.

Only a few are born with a glandular system so far developed as to remove all tendencies to fear, doubt, and uncertainty. The rest of us need to train ourselves to find better ways to use our glandular system in order that we shall have a fulfilling and rich life.

Take the next step and start your journey to a healthy life today!