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Colorfood Healthy Diet


Colorfood Booket: A 24 page guide

The Colorfood Companion:
A 48 page, spiral bound guide to healthier eating beautifully illustrated in full color.


The Life4Sys Colorfood Healthy Diet not only teaches the fundamentals of proper food selection and preparation, but also helps you create a personalized diet by using the principles of U-R-U.

For thousands of years, different cultures have recognized the importance of eating properly to maintain one's health, energy and zest for living. Diet, as a function of self-development practices such as yoga, has been common throughout the ages.

The Colorfood diet system teaches combination and preparation of food based on the different colors of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and so on. It includes helpful tips on how to enhance the natural flavors, aromas and healing properties of various foods and to facilitate their assimilation into the body for quicker energy and vitality. As you become familiar with this natural dietary system, you will become adept at creating balanced, nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious to consume.

A Kitchen Pharmacy

The following list is a partial guide for the use of herbs for enhancing the flavors and health restoring qualities of food.

  • Asparagus - mint
  • Artichoke (globe) - bay leaf and clove
  • Barley - oregano
  • Beet - anise, fennel or caraway
  • Beans - bay leaf, sage, oregano, thyme or marjoram
  • Cabbage (cooked) - clove or dill and garlic
  • Cabbage (raw) - caraway or mustard seed
  • Cauliflower - clove or parsleyColorfood
  • Carrot - anise
  • Cheese - caraway, mustard, lemon or lime juice
  • Corn (sweet) - mustard seed
  • Corn-on-the-Cob - bay leaf
  • Cucumber - cayenne pepper or curry
  • Lentil - bay leaf, sage, thyme or marjoram
  • Macaroni - garlic (add to boiling water)
  • Onion - clove
  • Parsnip - anise or fennel
  • Peas - mint or marjoram, parsley
  • Potato - caraway, dill or fennel
  • Rice - curry powder or celery seed
  • Squash - celery seed, sage or marjoram
  • Spaghetti - garlic (add to boiling water)
  • Tomato - basil or thyme, paprika, cayenne
  • Turnip - caraway, dill or fennel

The Colorfood -Companion: Your Personalized Guide To a Healthy Diet.
a 48 page,spines-bound guide beautifully illustrated in full color.
Welcome to a healthy new Beginning! As you may have already noticed by reading the Colorfood booklet, Mazdaznan teaches that there is more to food than just its ingredients. To allow your body to receive the most benefit from the

foods you eat ,it is importantto consider the environmet food is grown in, its natural color(void of artificial coloration),as well as its relation to other foods.

This Companion to the Colerfood booklet provides you with a sampling of natural and unprocessed foods,(The best is Organic) from which you can begin making you main basic meals and supporting side dishes.It is intended to assist you in creating a healthy diet by teaching you more about the medicinal value of the foods you eat ? as well as the most Beneficial way to Combine and prepare them (weth Minimum Moisture cookingsystem offers!)

What it gives you, is an abundance of highly nutritious foods, from which to choose and prepare meals that are

healthy,and will make you feel rejuvenated and Ener-Getic (ase the booklet En-AirGetics).

The Colerfood Companion is a perfect accompaniment to any(vegetarian)Cookbook. Simply choose the foods-provided in the Companion that are recommended for YOUR- BASE and find a recipe in your own cookbook that utilizes those foods. (or order the Mazdaznan'' Dietetics Cookery Companion Book 1 an 2. 306 pages.)

Then,make any necessary adjustmente to the recipe regarding correct combinations ? Whether it's a recipe found in you cookbook,or your own creation,we encourage you , to experiment with food Colors and combinations to truly create your own, Personalized Home-menu.

Naturally this Companion is meant to serve as a starting point from which you, can becomecomfortable and familiar with this NEW-WAY of eating and , Combining Food's.We hope you wil add some flavor of your onewith other foods, As long as you select the foods according to the color of your Base,? allow youself to mix and match different foods . Not only will your meals have incredible Nutritional value ,but your table wil also be a

Colorful delight for You ,Your Family and Guests.!p.s Let your food be your Medicine.

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