November 14, 2018, 7:57 am


Food eaten with thankfulness of heart will prove wholesome and there is less danger of over indulgence.

It is not well to sleep in a warm room, but additional blankets are advisable when you sleep in a cold room, as the body should be comfortable, but the face and neck are to be exposed so that you may breathe with ease. A brisk walk of a mile or two in snappy weather will do more toward arousing the circulation and improving the complexion than anything we can compound in a laboratory.

Nuts and oils are in season and butter should be clarified before using. To clarify butter it should be brought slowly to the heating point and all the foam skimmed off. When it is clear, place it in porcelain jars (or glass) and this will keep through the season. This clarified butter is excellent in most digestive troubles and will give relief in catarrh, bronchitis, coughs, colds, etc., when used freely with fruit and fruit juices. What sour milk junket and whey are to the intestines in removing parasitic germs, clarified butter is to the organs in general, and assists in removing these disease germs, this means, of course, butter that is not adulterated.

Salads cannot be supplanted; they are necessary to a well-balanced constitution, while the invalid will find a salad the safest food.

Grapefruits are generally in season, and their use for the first meal of the day is essential to good habits. Heated grapefruit juice can be taken by everyone.

Cranberries are now in season; use them freely in sauces or eat a few berries raw with meals. They are one of the best blood tonics we have, and are excellent for warding off malaria and erysipelas.

Grated carrots, turnips and beets make fine fillers for salads, whilst celery gives them tone. Alternate with a pinch of ground celery seeds, caraway, fennel, anise and dill to meet every demand. A little experimenting will reveal the efficacy of aromatic seeds and savouries.

When a cough is bad and will not respond to linseed tea, which in any case should be drunk in quantities throughout the day as it lubricates the wholetract, then try 10 drops of essence of peppermint in one teaspoonful of brandy before retiring.

To neutralise acids in the system, drink a glassful of aired (warm) water in which has been dissolved 3 prisms of permanganate of potash. This helps to rid the whole system of catarrhal conditions. Alternate with 6 drops of Australian oil of eucalyptus in a glassful of water.

Hot sal soda baths, donning fresh and clean garments, will revive and refresh one when weary, tired and exhausted.

Pomegranates may be used freely by individuals of a nervous, active temperament. This holds good until February. Begin with them now and take the clear juice in a pony glass before each meal for three weeks, thereafter using the juice only once a day, and always on an empty stomach. (Pomegranates can be juiced on a lemon squeezer, especially an electric citrus juicer.)

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